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Welcome to McCritter’s Homestead

A brand of McDow International Enterprises, McCritter’s Homestead is an all natural and chemical free eco-system where goats, a variety of birds, cats, guinea pigs and a great dane live!

McCritter’s sells duck, goose, and chicken eggs! Our flock is fed non-GMO feed and is pasture raised! We also sell our angora goat fur – Coming soon!

Enjoy Our Eggs & Fur!

Becca Jean’s Eggs are collected every day by hand. McCritter’s Homestead uses cool and filtered well water to wash the eggs!

Becca Jean’s Eggs Preview

Duck Eggs

Dozen (L12)
Large Duck Eggs

Goose Eggs

Single Egg (1) = 6 Chicken Eggs
Premium Product

Chicken Eggs

Dozen (L12)
Large Chicken Eggs

All In The Family!

McCritter’s Homestead

We guarantee you will be happy!

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Maryland, USA


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